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Paroles et musique :Steve Goodman
Capo II
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Intro : C 
R C idin'on the Ci G ty of New Orlea C  ns,
Ill Am inois Central, F       Monday mornin' C  rail,
f C ifteen cars and  G fifteen restless r C  iders
thr Am ee conductors and  F twenty-five  G sacks of  C  mail.
 Am  All along the south bound odyssey,
the  Em  train pulls out at Kankakee,
r G olls along past houses, farms, and  D  fields.
 Am  Passing trains that have no name,
and  Em  freight yards full of old black men
and the  G graveyards of the  G7 rusted automo C  biles.
[Refrain :]
Go F od mornin'Ame G rica how are yo C  u !
(Say),  Am don't you know me ?  F I'm your native  C  son !
 G7 I'm the  C train they call The  G City of New O Am rleans, D 
I'll be  Bb gone fiv F e hundred  G miles when the day is  C  done.
 C Dealin'cards to the o G ld men in the c C  lub car,
p Am enny a point  F ain't no one keepin'score C  .
 C Pass the paper  G bag that holds the  C  bottle,
and  Am feel the wheels  F rumblin''n G eath the floor C  .
And the  Am sons of Pullman porters and the s Em  ons of engineers
ride their  G fathers'magic carpets made of st D  eel,
 Am mothers with their babes asleep are  Em  rockin'to the gentle beat,
and the  G rythm of the  G7 wheels is all they  C  feel
N C ight time on The  G City of New Orlea C  ns,
c Am hangin'cars in Me F mphis Tennesse C  e,
h C alfway home, we'll b G e there by mo C  rnin',
through the Mis Am sissippi darkness  F rollin'do G wn to the s C  ea.
But  Am all the towns and people seem to  Em  fade into a bad dream,
the s G teel rail still ain't heard the  D  news.
The  Am conductor sings his song again : " Em  Passengers will please Refrain !"
The  G train has got the  G7 disapp'rin'railroad bl C  ues.
 C   G   C   Am   F   C ...


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