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Intro : C(add9)   G   D 
Got a p G  icture of your house
And you're  Bm  standing by the door
It's  C  black and white and faded
And it's  C looking pretty D  worn
See the  G  factory that I worked
Silh Bm  ouetted in the back
The  C  memories are grey
but man they're  C really coming D  back
I don't  C need to be the D  king of th G  e world
As  C long as I'm the D  hero of thi Em s lit D t-le C  girl
 G Heaven isn't D  too far C  away
 G Closer to it D  ever C  y day
No  G matter what your D  friends migh C  t say
How I  G  love the way you move
And the  Bm  sparkle in your eyes
There's a  C  color deep inside them
Like a  C blue suburban D  sky
When I  G  come home late at night
And  Bm  you're in bed asleep
I  C  wrap my arms around you
So  C I can feel you D  breathe
I don't  C need to be a D  superman  G 
As l C ong as you will D  always be  Em my bi D gg-e C  st fan
 G Heaven isn't D  too far C  away
 G Closer to it D  ever C  y day
No  G matter what your D  friend C  s might say
 D We'll find a C  way (Yeah !)
Instrumental : A   E   D  (x3)
Now the  G  lights are going out
 Bm  Along the boulevard
The  C  memories come rushing back
And it  C makes it pretty h D ard  D4       D 
Well I've got  G  nowhere left to go
And  Bm  no one really cares
I  C  don't know what to do
But I'm never giving up on you
 A Heaven isn't E  too D  far away
 A Closer to it E  ever D  y day
No  A matter what your E  friends say
I  D  know were gonna find a way
 B Woah F#  woaho w E  ah ho oh oh (heaven)
 B Woah F#  woaho wa E  h ho oh oh (heaven)
 B Is n F# ot too fa E  r away Uh huh uh uh
 B Woah F#  woah E o who F# ah      E 
 E  Yeah !


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