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Reprise reggae de « I Got You, Babe » de Sonny and Cher (1965)
Paroles et musique :Sonny Bono
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Intro :                       
  They say we're young, and   we don't know
  Won't find out, un we   grow   
  Well, I don't know if   all that's true
  Cause you got me and   baby I got   you    
  Babe,    I got   you babe
   I got   you babe    
  They say our love won t   pay the rent
  Before it s earned our   money s all been   spent    
  I guess that s so, we   don t have a lot
  But, at least, I m sure of   all the things we   got    
  Babe,    I got   you babe
   I got   you babe   (S/A)
I got   flowers, in the   spring
I got   you to wear my   ring
And when I'm   sad, you're   a clown
And when I get   scared, you're always a  rou...  ound
(Modulation en :  )
  So let them say your   hair s too long
  I don t care, with   you I can t do   wrong   
  And put your little   hand in mine
  There ain t no hill or   mountain we can t   climb   
  Babe,    I got   you babe
   I got   you babe    
   I got   you babe    
  I got you to   hold my hand
  I got you to   understand
  I got you to   walk with me
  I got you to   talk with me
  I got you to   kiss goodnight
  I got you to   hold me tight
  I got you I   won t let go
  I got you to   love me so
I got you, babe
          I got   you babe          (Ad libitum)


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