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 Am Is it getting D(sus2)  better, o Fmaj7 r do you feel the  G  same
 Am Will it make it D(sus2)  easier on you, n Fmaj7 ow you got someone to  G  blame
You say : C  one love Am , one lif Fmaj7 e, when it's one nee C  ds, in the night
It's  C one love, Am  we get to share it Fmaj7 , it leaves you bab C  y, if you don't care for it
 Am   D(sus2)   Fmaj7   G 
 Am Did I disa D(sus2) ppoint you ?  Fmaj7 Or leave a bad taste in your G  mouth ?
 Am You act like you D(sus2)  never had love, a Fmaj7 nd you want me to go with G  out
Well it's  C too late, Am  tonight Fmaj7 , to drag that past out, C  into the light
 C We're one, but we're Am  not the same, we get t Fmaj7 o carry each othe C  r, carry each other one
 Am   D(sus2)   Fmaj7   G 
 Am Have you come here for fo D(sus2) rgiveness ?  Fmaj7 Have you come tor raise the G  dead ?
 Am Have you come here to play D(sus2)  Jesus to  Fmaj7 the lepers in your he G  ad ?
Did I  C ask too much  Am ? More than a l Fmaj7 ot You gave me nothing, now i C  t's all I got
 C We're one, Am  but we're not the sam Fmaj7 e We hurt each other, then  C  we do it again
You say : C  love is a temple Am , love a higher la C w, love is a temp Am  le, love the higher law
You  C ask me to enter but G  then you make me crawl
And  G I can't be holding Fmaj7  on to what you got Fmaj7  , when all you got is hurt
 C One love, Am  one blood Fmaj7 , one life, you got  C  to do what you should
 C One life, Am  with each other Fmaj7 , sister C  s, brothers
 C One life, Am  but we're not the same, we get t Fmaj7 o carry each othe C  r, carry each other


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