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Paroles et musique :Tracy Chapman
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Intro : Em 
 Em There is  G fiction in the space be C tween  G lines on a page, a  D  memory
Write it  G down, but it doesn't  C mean you're  G not just telling  D stories Em        C      G      D )      (2x) 
There is  G fiction in the space be C tween  G you and re D  ality
You would  G do and say any C thing to make your  G everyday life seem  D  less mundane
There is  G fiction in the space be C tween  G you and  D me.   Em       C      G      D )      (2x) 
There's a science  G fiction in the space be C tween  G you and  D  me
A fabri G cation, grand  C scheme.  G I am the scary  D  monster
Need to  G say it as I leave the  C scene in my  G spaceship I am  D  laughing
Your re G membrance of a bad  C dream there's  G no one but you  D  standing.
( Em   C   G   D ) (2x)
 D Feel the pity and the pain  C for the ones who  G  do not speak
 D Back the words you get respect and compassion  C and for  G  posterity
 C Spread the words and  G make believe there is  Em  truth in the space between.
There is  G fiction in the space be C tween  G you and  D  everybody
 G Give us all what we  C need. Give us  G one more sad,  D  sordid story.
In the  G fiction of the space be C tween  G sometimes a lie D  is the best thing
 G          C          G sometimes a li D e is tG he be C st t G hing D ) (2x)    
is the best thing
Finale : Em 


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