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Paroles et musique :Tracy Chapman
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Intro :  
  There is   fiction in the space be  tween   lines on a page, a   memory
Write it   down, but it doesn't   mean you're   not just telling   stories                      )      (2x) 
There is   fiction in the space be  tween   you and re  ality
You would   do and say any  thing to make your   everyday life seem   less mundane
There is   fiction in the space be  tween   you and   me.                       )      (2x) 
There's a science   fiction in the space be  tween   you and   me
A fabri  cation, grand   scheme.   I am the scary   monster
Need to   say it as I leave the   scene in my   spaceship I am   laughing
Your re  membrance of a bad   dream there's   no one but you   standing.
(           ) (2x)
  Feel the pity and the pain   for the ones who   do not speak
  Back the words you get respect and compassion   and for   posterity
  Spread the words and   make believe there is   truth in the space between.
There is   fiction in the space be  tween   you and   everybody
  Give us all what we   need. Give us   one more sad,   sordid story.
In the   fiction of the space be  tween   sometimes a lie   is the best thing
                      sometimes a li  e is t he be  st t  hing  ) (2x)    
is the best thing
Finale :  


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