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I   hope that I don't   fall in love with   you
Cause   falling in l  ove just makes me   blue
Well the   music plays and y  ou display your   heart for me to   see
I   had a beer and   now I hear you   calling out for   me
And I   hope that I don't   fall in   love with   you.
Now the r  oom is crowded,   people every  where
And I   wonder should   I offer you a c  hair
Well if y  ou sit down with   this old clown,  he'll   take that frown and   break it
B  efore the evening  's gone away, I   think that we could   make it
And I   hope that I don't   fall in   love with   you
No  w the night does   funny things insid  e a man
These   old tomcat   feelings you don't u  nderstand
I turn ar  ound and look a  t you, you light   a cigarette       
W  ish I had the g  uts to bum one,   but we've neve  r met
And I   hope that I don't   fall in   love with   you
And I   can see that you are   lonesome just li  ke me
And I  'm feeling l  ike you'd like some   company
Well I tu  rn around to lo  ok at you, and   you look back at   me
T  he guy you're w  ith is up and s  plit, the   chair next to you's free
And I   hope that you don'  t fall i  n love wi  th me
No  w it's closing ti  me, the music's fa  ding out
Last   call for dri  nks I'll have anothe  r stout
I turn ar  ound and look a  t you, you're now  here to be found  
I   search the pla  ce for your los  t face, I guess   I'll have another round
And I   think that I just   fell in   love with   you


[anonyme], version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2005-03-23
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