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Paroles et musique :Evan John Jones
Capo II
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Intro :           
  I'm coming home, to your,   loving heart         
To the   one that I once,   threw away and   broke a  part  
I   want you, I   need you..a    chance is all, I'm asking now
I    must get back, to you, somehow
So   I am coming home to    you
For   I am nothing without    you
May..  be, you found somebody    new
But   I'm still coming home to   you.   ..
Please let me   stay, and for  get your pride        
Now my   world is falling    round me
I got no  where to hide        
I   want you, I    need you
I    know it's true, I made you cry
   Then like a fool I say goodbye
Now,   I am coming home to    you
This   life means nothing without    you
May...  be you found somebody    new
But,   I'm still coming home, to    you ...


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