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 C The old home town looks the  C7 same a F s I step down from  C  the train
 C And there to meet me is my mama and  G7  papa;
 Dm7 Down t G7 he ro C ad I look and th C7 ere runs Mary,
 F hair of go F(dim) ld and li F ps like c Em7 herrie Dm7  s,
 C it's good to touch the  G7 green,  Dm7 green  G7 grass of  C home F .   C 
 Dm7 Yes, t G7 hey'll a C ll come to m C7 eet me arms a-r F  eaching, smiling sweetly;
 Dm7 It's g C ood to touch the g G reen, green g Dm7 rass o G7 f hom C  e.
The  C old house is still standing, C7  though the  F paint is cracked and  C  dry,
 C And there's that old oak tree that I used to  G7  play on;
 Dm7 Down t G7 he la C ne I walk and with my C7  sweet Mary,
 F hair of go F(dim) ld an lip F s like cher Em7 ries  Dm7 
 Dm7 it's g C ood to touch the g G7 reen, green g Dm7 rass o G7 f hom C e.  F      C 
(Parlé :)
Then I awake and look around me at the four gray walls that surround me and I
realize that I was only dreaming. For there's a guard and there's a sad old
padre. Arm and arm we'll walk at daybreak - again I'll touch the green, green
grass of home
 Dm7 Yes, t G7 hey'll a C ll come to s C7 ee me in the s F hade of that old oak tr Em7  ee;
 Dm7 As they  C lay me 'neath the  G green, green  Dm7 grass  G7 of ho F me.  Em7        Dm7        C 


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