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Intro :      (4x)
  yeah i was always a crazy one, b   roke into the stadium
and   i wrote your number on the f  ifty (but some say   yard line      )
  and you were always a perfect one and v   aledictorian
so u  nder your number i wrote ca   ll for a good time
  i only   wanted to g  et your atte   ntion
but y  ou overlooked me someho   w
  besides you had   too many b  oyfriends to men   tion
and i   played my guitar too lo  ud, how do ya like me no   w
how do ya like me now  , now that i'm on my wa   y
you still think i'm c  razy standing here toda   y
i couldn't make you l  ove me but i always dreamed abo   ut
living in your r  adio, how do ya like me no  w                    (2x) 
  when i took off to tennessee i   heard that you made fun of me
n  ever imagined i'd ma  ke i (but some say  t this far      )
  then you married into money girl, a   in't it a cruel and funny world
  he took your dreams, and he t   ore them apart
  he never comes   home and you're a  lways alo   ne
and your k  ids hear you cry down the ha   ll
  alarm clock starts   ringing who c  ould that be si   nging
it's m  e baby with your wake up ca  ll, how   do ya like me now   


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