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Capo I
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Well a ma A n come on the 6  D o'clock news  A 
Said som A ebody's been shot, somebody E 's been abused A  .
Somebody ble A w up a building, somebody stol D e a car. A 
Somebody A  got away, somebody did E n't get too far. A 
Yeah, F#m  they didn't get E  too far. A 
Grandpa A ppy told my pappy, "Back in my D  day, son, A 
A ma A n had to answer for the wick E ed that he done. A 
Take al A l the rope in Texas find a tal D l oak tree A  ,
Round up al A l them bad boys, hang 'em hig E h in the stree A  t
 F#m     For all the peop E le to see A  that
Jus E tice is the one thing you should alway D s find. A 
You gotta sad D dle up your boy A s, you gotta draw E  a hard line. A 
When the guns E moke settles we'll sing a vic D tory tune A 
We'll al D l meet bac A k at the local E  saloon. A 
We'll rai A se up our glasses again D st evil force A  s singin,
"Whis G key for my men D , Beer for my horse A  s."
We got to A o many gangsters doin d D irty deeds A  .
We've got to A o much corruption too much crim E e in the street A  s
It's time the lon A g arm of the law put a few D  more in the
gr A  ound
Send 'em al A l to their maker and he'll settl E e 'em down A 
 F#m     You can bet he'll sett E le 'em down A  cause
Whis G key for my men, D  beer for my horses A  .
Finale : A   D   A   A   E   A 


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