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Intro : G   Em   G   Em 
        A   Em   A   D 
 G  Over the rooftops  Em  a plane in the sky.
 G  Beat of a bass drum, car Em  s passing me by.
 A  Under a bridge dark the Em  n back into light.
 A  River of raincoats and a f D  orest of faces.
 G  Still for a moment the Em  n red into green.
 G  Slow shuffling shoes whispe Em  r sight unseen.
 A  Row upon row of houses ret Em  urn an empty stare.
 A  Letting the daydream for a  D  little while longer.
 G  Hey D , ho Am  pe I'll never wake,
 C  When I'm thinking about you.
 G  Yea-ye D ah,  Am  hope I'll never wake,
Coz  C now I'm thinking about you. Am        C6        C6 
 G  Two-minute hailstorm the Em  n melts into rain.
 G  I will (sling me a rainbow ?), it' Em  s sunny again.
 A  Swallows overhead while the  Em  traffic snarls below.
 A  Could I, could I keep dreaming for a  D  little while longer ?
 G  Yea D h, H Am  ope I'll never wake,
 C  When I'm thinking about you.
 G  So that you  D know I  Am  never want to wake,
Coz  C  now I'm thinking about you.
 Em  When you're searching your  F  soul
And you're searching for ple C  asure,
How  Am  often pain is all you find.
 Em  But when you're coasting alon F  g
And nobody's trying too C  hard,
You can  D  turn around and like where you are.
 G   to D o-do Am ot to C o-do G ot.. D .    Am       C 
 G  Hey y D eah, and I  Am  hope I'll never wake,
 C  When I'm thinking about you.
 G  And I close my ey D es yeah, now I'll  Am  never never wake,
So  C why should I stop thinking about you ? Am       G 


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