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Intro :              
  when the world, it   shows me   up
my   clothes, they   show me   up
I   never knew this   before
my finest   hour that   I've ever known
  was finding a   pound on the   Underground  
when my words came stumbling out
and then I went tumbling out
[I never believed/I've never been here] before
and the finest hour that I've ever known
was finding a pound on the Underground
and   I keep   hoping   you are the same as   me
and   I'll send you   letters and   come to your house for   tea
we   are who we   are,   what do the others   know
but   poetry is   not for me, so   show me the way to   go h  ome
when the words came stumbling out of my mouth
and I went tumbling out [here, no no, no no]
but I keep hoping you are the same as me
and I'll send you letters and come to your house for tea
we are who we are, what do the others know
but poetry is not for me, so show me the way to go
oh, I'm going home
but I'll keep hoping you are the only one
yes, and I'll send you letters, oh, wouldn't it be such fun
oh, we are who we are, whatever the others say
but poetry is not for me, and much as I'd like to stay
oh, I just want to go home
you're, you're, you're too young
[should've been], you, you're, you're too young
[it should've been], you too, you're too, you're too young
[it should've been], you, you, you're too young
[you should've been, safer, saner]
[bribed the judge and then] sat down
ooh, you're, you're, you're too young.


[anonyme][anonyme], version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2006-12-15
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