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Capo I
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Intro :          
  Ode to the   center of the   earth again
  The place where it's   hot love
You know it   hurts to breathe   in
On the   watershed you balance on he's   begging in
Well did he   ever know ? Will he ever know ?
  The trees in the   moonshine are a   dark lattice
  See a   catalogue of the   angle you n  otice
In a   vacuum you are charged to re  cord this
So you   won't make it   easy on   me
  I can't go   into this no   more
It puts too   many thorns on my   mind
And the   necessary balloon lies a   corpse on the floor
We've pissed on   far   too   ma-n  y sp  rites
And they're   all standing up for their rights    (pause) 
Instrumental :          
  Born on a   desert floor, you've the   deepest thirst
  And you   came to my sweet   shore to in  dulge it
With the   worn and dreaming eyes of an   orphan
But there is   not enough, there is   not enough
  Out of the   gunny sack for   red rabbits
  Into the   crucible to be   rendered an   emulsion
And we   can't allow a chance they'd res  tore themselves
They   can't make it   easy on   you
Un  daunted you bathe in hollow   cries
Your voice is   swollen and sunburnt   eyes
And the   warmth letting up and   under their skin
So help me,   I do  n't kn  ow I   migh  t
Just   give the old dark side a try
Don't   cast your rolling eyes on the   shore
Till we even the   score      
I still   owe you for the hole in the   floor
And the ghost in the   hall       
Who de  cides who paddles over the   falls
Well who makes the call ?
Who makes the call ?
Instrumental :          
I   know there's an event  ual
Release from   every scale of   crime
But the   necessary balloon lies a   corpse on the floor
We've pissed on   far t  oo m  a-ny   goo  d in-  ten-  tion  s held   by c  le-v  er s  prit  es
And t  hey're all standing up for their rights
Finale :  


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