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  the gutter may pro  fess its love
  then follow it with   hesitat  ion
  but there are just so   many eyes
  you have different            
  a stronger girl would   brush this off in flight
  never giving   more than a frowning   hour
  but you have let your heart deci  de
  loss has conquered you         
  you've w  on one too many f  ights
wearing   many hats every ti  me
but you   won't win here toni  ght            
  you made it through the   direst of straits all right
  can you help it if plain   love now seems less in  teresting
  you haven't changed an   ounce in my eyes
and I   cannot lecture you          
  does anything I   say seem relevant at all
  you've been at the   helm since you were just 5  ive
  and I cannot cl  aim to be more than a pas  senger          
  well you won   one too many   fights
wearin'al  l of your clothes at the sa  me time
d  o you want an end tonight   
  oh girl, sail and don't   sink her
this time..  .                   
this time..  .                            
Just a mo  ment or two from   now,
Not a   mind will retain even   a trace,
Of the   thoughts that I struggled to   tell
An  d how our stack of cards just   fell,
  So settle this once a  nd for all,
  The light no longer shows the   cracks around my   door,
  And I have no   lantern to light your way   home tonight,         
  You are   not some saint who's   above,
Giving   someone a stroll through the   flowers,
  You've got so much more to dream   of,
Oh g  irl, sail her, don't   sink her,
this time..  .                   
this time..  .                   
this time..  .                            


[anonyme][anonyme], version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2007-03-06
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