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Just last night I   woke from   some un  conscionable dream
and it   nailed to my   forehead a  gain
to   keep this boat a  float
there are t  hings you can't afford to know
so I   save all my   breath for the   sails
But you'll   find those   lingering   voices
are just yo  ur ego's at  tepmt to make it all
cl  ean and nice and make a mo  ron out of you
walking a b  ridge with we  akening ca  bles
hu  ddled up in fear an  d hate because we know o  ur fate
and its a lot to p  ut us through
  bum bum bum bum   bum bum bum bum bum
Most ideas turn into   dust as t  here are f  ew
in which we all can trust
haven't you noticed   i've been   sheddin  g all of mine ?
so lets abandon th  at track
a  nd leave o  ur fathers fighting in a sack
cause we're way t  oo wise-as  sed for t  hat
You might fin  d some fools a  t your d  oorstep
h  ustling the late  st changes to the book th  ats the strangest
in an att  empt to multipy
marione  ttes on we  akening ca  bles
hu  ddled up wit  h fear and hate because they know th  eir fate
and its a lot to p  ut them through
  bum bum bum bum b  um bum bum bum   bum
We've taken on a cl  imb            
and its long enough to put the be  st of them on our ba  cks           
walking up a sl  ide               
and there are those we know who'd h  ave us
five miles o  ff the t  rack
  bum bum b  um bum b  um bum bum b  um bum
  bum bum bum b  um bum bum b  um bum bum


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