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Intro :           
  One h  and on this   wily   comet,
  Take a   drink just to   give me some weight,
  some u  ber-man   I'd ma  ke,
I'm   barely a   vapor.
  They s  hone a chl  orine lig  ht on,
A   hos  t of individ  ual sins.
  Let's c  arve my ag  ing fac  e off,
  Fetch us a   knife,
  start with my   eyes,
  down so the   lines
form a   grimacing   smile.
  Close y  our eyes to   corral a   virtue,
  Is t  his fooling a  nyone else ?
N  ever   worked so lo  ng and   hard
to   cement a failure.   
  We can b  low on our t  humbs and   posture,
  but the   lonely is such   delicate things,
  the   wind from a   wasp could   blow them,
  into the   sea,
with   stones on their   feet,
  lost to the   light and the   loving we   need,
  Still to   come,   
the worst   part and you   know it,  
there is a   numbn  ess
in you   heart and it's   growing.
  With bur  nt sage and a   forest of   bygones,
  I click my   heels,
get the   devils in line,
  a list of t  hings I could   lay the   blame on
might   give me a way   out.
  but with each   turn
it's this   front and c  enter,
  Like a   dart stuck   square in you eye,
  every po  st you can h  itch your   faith on,
is a   pie in the   sky
  chock full of   lies,
a   tool we   devise
to make   sinking stones   fly,
  Still to   come,   
the worst   part and you   know it,  
there is a   numbn  ess
in you   heart and it's   growing.
Finale :           


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