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 E The night we met I knew Gbm  I  needed you Bso
 E And if I had the chance I Gbm 'd  never let y B  ou go.
 Ab  So won't you say you love me
 Db  I'll make you so proud of me
 Gb We'll make 'em turn their heads B  every place we go.
So won't you, pl E  ease (Be my, be my baby)
Be my little  Dbm  baby (My one and only baby)
Say you'll be my  Gbm  darlin'(Be my, be my baby)
Be my baby n B  ow (My one and only baby)
 E I'll make you happy, baby Gbm ,    just wait an B  d see
 E For every kiss you give me Gbm  ,    I'll give you three
 Ab  Oh, since the day I saw you
 Db  I have been waiting for you.
 Gb You know I will adore you ' B  til eternity.
Coda :
 E(Be my, be my baby) Be my little Dbm  baby
(My one and only baby) Oh Gbm 
(Be my, be my baby) Oh B  ...


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