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Intro :                 
Sometimes I won  der why      y  ou do these thing  s to me          
Sometimes I wor  ry girl      t  hat you ain't in lov  e with me          
Sometimes I st  ay out late    ye  ah I'm having fun             
Yes I guess you kno  w by now      y  ou ain't the only one             
Now ba  by      sw  eet things that you promis  ed me babe           
Seemed to g  o up in smoke          
Yeah vanish like a dre  am         
I wo  nder why      y  ou do these things   to me          
  'Cause I'm wo  rried
Yeah I ju  st can't seem to find my wa  y      bab  y                 
Ooh the nights I spent just waiting on the sun
Just like your burned out cigarette
You threw away my love
Why did you do that baby
I wonder why why you do these things to me
O  h I'm wor  ried
Lord I'll fin  d out anyway
  Sure going to find myself a   girl someday
Till then I'm wor  ried
Yeah I jus  t can't seem to find my wa  y
Yeah I'm a hard working man
When did I ever do you wrong?
Yeah I get all my money baby
Bring it bring it all home
Yeah I'm telling the truth
Sweet things sweet things you promised me
  Well I'm wor  ried
I ju  st can't seem to find my wa  y baby                           
I'm worried about you yeah
I'm worried about you yeah
Tell you something now
I'm worried about you oh yeah
Worried 'bout you child
I'm worried 'bout you woman
Worried 'bout you
Worried 'bout you
Yeah I'm worried
Lord I'll find out anyway
Sure as hell I'm going to find that girl someday
Till then I'm worried
Lord I just can't seem to fin  d my way


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