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G  ot a sweet black angel
Got a pin up girl
Got a sweet black angel
Up upon my wall.
Well she ain't no singer
And she ain't no star
But she sure talk good
And she move so fast.
But the gal in dang  er
Yeah de gal in chai  ns
But she keep on push  in'
Would ya take her pla  ce?
She countin' up de min  utes
She countin' up de da  ys
She's a sweet black an  gel woh
Not a sweet black sla  ve.
Ten little niggers
Sittin' on de wall
Her brothers been a fallin'
Fallin' one by one.
For a judge they murdered
And a judge they stole
Now de judge he gonna judge her
For all dat he's worth.
Well de gal in dang  er
De gal in chai  ns
But she keep on pus  hin'
Would you do the sa  me?
She countin' up de minut  es
She countin' up de da  ys
She's a sweet black ang  el
Not a gun toting teacher
Not a Red lovin' school mom
Ain't someone gonna free her
Free de sweet black sla  ve
Free de sweet black slave.


mystie2, version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2022-09-24
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