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Intro :                 
S  ome girls give me m  oney
S  ome girls buy me c  lothes
S  ome girls give me jew  elry
That I n  ever thought I'd ow  n
S  ome girls give me dia  monds
S  ome girls heart atta  cks
S  ome girls I give all my brea  d to
I   don't ever want it bac  k
S  ome girls give me jewe  lry
O  thers buy me clo  thes
S  ome girls give me chil  dren
I   never asked them fo  r
S  o give me all your mo  ney
G  ive me all your go  ld
I'll buy   you a house back in Zuma bea  ch
And giv  e you half of what I ow  n
S  ome girls take my mo  ney
S  ome girls take my clo  thes
S  ome girls get the shirt   off my back
And   leave me with a lethal dose  
F  rench girls they want C  artier
I  talian girls want   cars
A  merican girls want everything in th  e world
You ca  n possibly imagine  
E  nglish girls they're so pr  issy
I can't sta  nd them on the telephon  e
S  ometimes I take the receiver   off the hook
I don't   want them to ever call at all  
W  hite girls they're pretty funn  y
S  ometimes they drive me ma  d
B  lack girls just wanna get fucke  d all night
I   just don't have that much jam  
C  hinese girls are so ge  ntle
T  hey're really such a te  ase
Y  ou never know quite what they're co  okin'
I  nside those silky sleev  es
G  ive me all you mo  ney
G  ive me all your go  ld
I'll bu  y you a house back in Zuma be  ach
And giv  e you half of what I ow  n
Y  eah ba  by why don't you please c  ome home  
S  ome girls they're so p  ure
S  ome girls so corru  pt
S  ome girls give me chi  ldren
I   only made love to her once  
G  ive me half your mon  ey
G  ive me half your   car
G  ive me half of everyth  ing
I'll make you w  orld's biggest star  
S  o gimme all your mon  ey
G  ive me all your g  old
L  et's go back to Zuma beach
I  'll give you ha  lf of eve  rything I own


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