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Paroles et musique :Michael Phillip Jagger, Keith Richards
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Intro :                 
  Let's   drink to the h  ard   work  ing p  eople
Let's   drink to the l  owly   of   birt  h
  Raise   your glass to the g  ood   and   the e  vil
Let's   drink to the s  alt o  f th  e ea  rth
  Say a   prayer for the c  ommo  n fo  ot sol  dier
Spare   a thought for h  is b  ack br  eaking   work
  Say a   prayer for his w  ife   and h  is ch  ildren
Who bu  rn the fires an  d wh  o sti  ll till th  e earth
And   when I search a f  aceless crowd
A   swirling mass of g  ray and Black and white
  They don't look real to me
  In fact, they look so st  range
  Raise your g  lass to the h  ard wo  rkin  g peo  ple
Let's   drink to the u  ncou  nted   hea  ds
  Let's   think of the w  aver  ing m  illio  ns
Who ne  ed leaders but ge  t ga  mble  rs ins  tead
  Spare   a thought for the s  tay a  t-ho  me vo  ter
His empty e  yes gaze at st  range b  eaut  y sh  ows
  And a   parade of the gr  ay s  uite  d graft  ers
A   choice of canc  er o  r po  lio   
  Let s   drink to the h  ard w  orki  ng pe  ople
Let s   think of the l  owly   of   birt  h
  Spare   a thought for th  e ra  g ta  ggy pe  ople
Let s   drink to the sa  lt o  f th  e ea  rth
  Let s   drink to the h  ard   work  ing p  eople
Let s   drink to the sa  lt o  f th  e ea  rth
  Let s   drink to the t  wo t  hous  and m  illion
Let s   think of the h  umbl  e of   bir  th


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