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Am(b9) : 577558
Am9    : 575557
Am7    : 575555
O  pening ri  ff twi  ce
I  t was a filthy block of flats trash was on the floor
A   stink was in my nose hinges off the doors                      
S  he took me in her room all was spic and span
F  ixed me up a drink turned down all the lamps                     
A  nd the rain fell down                     
O  n the cold hard groun  d                 
A  nd the pho  ne kept ringing                     
And we ma  de sweet love          
W  hy do we live in this strange grey town?
T  hey build it up and let it all fall down
F  eel like we're living in a battleground
E  verybody's jazzed                     
W  hy do we live in this strange grey town?
T  he paint is peeling and the sky turned brown
T  he bankers are wankers every Thursday night
T  hey just vomit on that ground                    
A  nd the rain fell down                    
O  n the cold grey town                    
And t  he phone kept ringing                     
And w  e made sweet love                    
And w  e made sweet love
O  oh o  oh Everybody's  ss dreaming
O  oh o  oh Everybody's  ss scheming
O  oh o  oh  W  atch  ing the rain fal  l down
S  he cooked me up some eggs then she made some tea
K  issed me on the cheek and I turned on her TV
I  t was all the usual crap all the usual sleaze
F  or ten thousand quid some bimbo spilled the beansy  eah               
A  nd the rain fell down                    
O  n the cold wet town                    
A  nd the phone kept rin  ging
A  nd we made sweet love
A  nd we made sweet lov  e                 
Y  eah and the rain fell down
A  nd we made and we made
A  nd we made sweet love yeah
A  nd the phone kept and the phone kept ringing
Y  eah mmm ah yeah
A  nd the phone kept ringing                     
T  he phone kept ringingy  eah               
A  nd the rain (Rain rain rain rain rain rain rain)


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