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Paroles et musique :Bob Lee Wilkins
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  Well a poor boy took his father's bread and started down the road
Started down the road
To  ok all he had and s  tarted down the   road
Go  ing out in this wo  rld, where God onl  y knows
And th  at'll be the w  ay to g  et al  ong
  Well poor boy spent all he had, famine come in the land
Famine come in the land
Sp  ent all he had and f  amine come in the   land
Sa  id, "I believe I'll   go and hire me to s  ome man"
And th  at'll be the w  ay I'll   get a  long
Well, man said, "I'll give you a job for to feed my swine
For to feed my swine
I'  ll give you a job f  or to feed my s  wine"
Bo  y stood there and h  ung his head and   cried
 Cause   that is no   way to g  et al  ong
  Said, "I believe I'll ride, believe I'll go back home
Believe I'll go back home
Be  lieve I'll ride,   believe I'll go ba  ck home
Or   down the road as   far as I can   go"
And th  at'll be the   way to   get a  long
  Well, father said, "See my son coming after me
Coming home to me"
Fa  ther ran and fell d  own on his kn  ees
Sa  id, "Sing and praise, Lo  rd have mercy o  n me"
Mer  cy                            


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