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Paroles et musique :Michael Jagger, Keith Richards
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Intro :            (x4)
Did you h  ear about the mi  dnight ra  mbler?     
  Everybody g  ot to   go    
Did you h  ear about the mi  dnight ra  mbler    
The o  ne that shut the k  itchen do  or?   
He do  n't give a h  oot of a w  arning,     
A-wra  pped up in a b  lack cat c  oat         
He do  n't go in the l  ight in the   morning     
He's   split the time the c  ock'rel cr  ows     
Talk  ing about the mi  dnight ga  mbler,   
The o  ne you've never   seen befo  re      
A-t  alking about the m  idnight gamb  ler     
Did you s  ee him jump the   garden wa  ll?      
A-sig  hing down the w  ind so sad  ly      
A-lis  ten and you   hear him m  oan    
Well I'm t  alking about the m  idnight ga  mbler    
Ev  erybody g  ot to go         
Did you h  ear about the m  idnight ra  mbler?   
Well h  oney it's no r  ock'n'roll   show    
Well I'm a-t  alking about the m  idnight ga  mbler   
The o  ne you've never s  een befo  re    
  Don't you do that (...)
Well you h  eard about the B  oston..  .        NC 
It's n  ot, o  ne those.  ..    NC 
Well I'm t  alking about the m  idnight..  .     NC 
The o  ne who closed the be  droom doo  r?    
I'm called the   hit and run, r  ape her in   anger    
The kn  ife sharpened   tippy to  ed    
Or just the sho  ot him dead br  ain-belled   jangler     
You know the on  e you never se  en before          
So if you e  ver meet the m  idnight ram  bler   
A-cr  awling down your m  arble ha  ll     
Well he pr  owling like a p  roud black   panther     
You can say   I, I   told you s  o      
Well won't you   listen for the m  idnight ram  bler    
  Play it easy   as you   go   
I'm gonna sm  ash down your pl  ate glass w  indows      
Put a fi  st through your s  teel plate   door        
Did you h  ear about the mi  dnight ra  mbler?   
He'll leave his f  ootprints up and d  own your   hall    
A-did you h  ear about the mi  dnight ga  mbler?    
A-did you   see me make my m  idnight c  all?    
And if you e  ver catch the m  idnight ram  bler   
I'll steal your mi  stress from un  der your n  ose    
Well go e  asy with your c  old fan  dango    
I'll stick my kn  ife right do  wn your throat,   baby and it h  urts


Jean Dupont, version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2020-04-19
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