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Didn't I see you   down in San Antone   on a hot and dusty n  ight?
You were eating eggs in Sammy's whe  n the black man there dr  ew his knife.
O  r you drowned t  hat Jew in Rampton as he washed his sl  eevless shirt.
You know that Spanish s  peaking gentleman the o  ne that we call Kurt.
C  ome now g  entleman I know t  here's some mist  ake
How forg  etful I'm becom  ing now you fi  xed your business st  raight
I remem  ber you in Hemlock Road in ni  neteen fifty six  
You were a fa  ggy little leather boy with a sm  aller piece of s  tick
You were a l  ashing smashing hunk of a man
your s  weat shined sweet and s  trong
Your o  rgan's working per  fectly but there's a p  art
that's not     screwed on    
Weren't you a  t the Coke Convention back in ni  neteen sixty five  
You're the misbred grey executive I've seen heavily advertised
You're the gr  eat grey man whose daughter licks police  men's buttons clean  
You'  re the man who squats behi  nd the man
who works              the   soft machine  
C  ome now gen  tlemen your love    is all I crave  
You'll stil  l be in the cir  cus when I'm laugh  ing
laughing  in my grave  
Well rem  ember who you say you are but ke  ep your noses clea  n
Boys will   be boys and play with toys. So be     strong with your bea  st
Oh R  osie dear don'cha think it's queer. So s  top me if you please  
The b  aby's dead my la  dy said.
You gentl  emen      will you all          work for m  e
When the o  ld men do all the fighting and the y  oung men all look o  n
And the y  oung girls eat their mother's meat from t  ubes of plastic  on
Be wa  ry of these my gentle friends of a  ll the skin you breed  
To h  ave that tasty h  abit
it's n  ot      the h  ands    that b  leed


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