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Ain't it    funny how things    happen
  Just as we think we've got it all    straight
  Everything seems to be moving    forward
But    instead we just sit    around and  w  ait
G  ) Nervous looks all    arou  nd
  Everyone is speaking in    whispers
   No one wants to  m  ake a s  ound
   I'm      los-      -ing    my    tou  ch     
   Los-      -ing    my    tou  ch     
Ba  by get m  e  ou  t of here                   
  It should be clear
  Keep an eye on on your    front door baby
  I'll be slipping in round the    back
   I just need a little a little  c  ab fare
And      then I'll let you  h  it the  sac  k
'Cause      I'm      los-      -ing    my    tou  ch     
   Los-      -ing    my    tou  ch     
Baby get   me    out o  f here                   
  It should be clear yeah
  I ain't going to keep it    long baby
  But just long long    enough
  I've got to pick up my    passports
And I've      got to      get my      stuff
'Cause      I'm      los-      -ing    my    tou  ch     
   Los-      -ing    my    tou  ch      baby baby baby
Baby   get me  A  m) out of here              
  Well it must be clear
   Los-      -ing    my    tou  ch     
Yes      Los-      -ing    my    tou  ch     
Baby g  et me     out of here                 


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