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T  he hand of   fate is   on me   now
I  t pick me up a  nd k  nock me d  own
I'm o  n the r  un I'm p  rison b  ound
T  he hand of fate i  s he  avy no  w
I k  illed a m  an I'm h  ighway b  ound
T  he wheel of fortune k  eeps t  urning r  ound
T  urning r  ound t  urning r  ound
I   should have known it w  as a o  ne horse t  own
M  y sweet g  irl was o  nce his w  ife
H  e had papers t  hat the j  udge had s  igned
The w  ind blew h  ard it was s  tormy n  ight
H  e shot me once b  ut I s  hot him t  wice
T  he h  and of f  ate is o  n me n  ow
I  t pick me up a  nd it k  icked me right d  own
K  icked me right d  own
K  icked me right d  own                     
          I had to   save her   life
          Yeah I gunn  ed him twic  e
Y  eah a  nd I w  atched him d  ie watch out boy
Y  eah I   wat  ched him di  e
He was a barroom man the violent kind
He had no love for that gal of mine
Then one day in a drinking bout
He swore he'd throw me right of town
The hand of fate is on me now
I shot that man I put him underground
I put him underground
Yes I did
I'm on the run I hear the hounds
My luck is up my chips are down
So goodbye baby so long now
Wish me luck I'm going to need it child
The hand of fate is on me now
Yeah it's too late
Too late baby too late now
The hand of fate is on me now
The hand of fate is heavy now
It pick you up and knock you down


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