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H  ere's father his h  eart screwed on
    Yes here he's got it I  'm sure 'Cause he
l  ost his life in an a  ccident found
h  is heart in the man next d  oor
W  hat exactly is gonna hap-p  en?
W  hen they do transplant the b  rain will my
b  orrowed brain still b  e the same or will my
d  aughter suffer so much m  ore         
H  ere comes the girl she's got her h  ead screwed on
B  ut it ain't screwed o  n right her
a  mbition is to be a p  rostitute But
t  he breaks just weren't r  ight
W  hat exactly is gonna hap-p  en tell me?
W  hen her father finds out t  hat his virgin
d  aughter has bordello dreams a  nd that he's the one
s  he wants to try o  ut    
H  ere's ma she's living d  angerously
I  t's a cinch she'll try it a  nything twice she thinks
s  he can run right to the w  hirlpool's edge
A  nd stop herself just in t  ime
W  hat exactly is gonna hap-p  en?
W  hen she finally f  izzles out
A  nd the lovers will just be s  ucked in too to see
w  hat the colors of death are all a  bout        
H  ere's the son guess his legs a  re screwed on
Y  eah they're screwed on p  retty tight but his
b  rain loose and it ain't n  o use he's
a  lready lost the f  ight
W  hat exactly is gonna hap-p  en?
W  hen he's finally r  ealized
T  hat he can't play his guitar l  ike EG Jim or write
S  t. Augustine if he t  ried        
T  hat there's gonna hap-p  en
W  hen the family f  inds out
T  hat they've been in the middle o  f it now for a thousand years
A  nd need a thousand more to climb o  ut.         


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