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Intro :                 
  Will all your mo  ney but you forgi  veness
Keep you from sick  ness or keep you from col  d?
  Will all your mon  ey keep from madn  ess
Keep you from sad  ness when you're down in the hol  e?
Cause you'll be d  own in the gutt  er
You'll be burnin' for ciga  rrets burnin' for nyl  ons
In the American Zo  ne
  You'll be down in the ho  le yeah down in the ho  le
  No ecape from trouble nowhere to g  o
  Down in the gut  ter beggin' for cigar  rets
Beggin' forgive  ness all that you kn  ow
  Down in the ho  le after diggin' the trenc  hes
  Looking for cover and findin'out there
Ain't nowhere   nowhere to go nowhere
Now  here nowhere to g  o                          
None of your mon  ey will buy you forgiv  eness
None of your jewe  lry none of your gol  d
Y  our black market cigar  etts your American   night clubs
T  hink i kn  ow where it goes.
S  omething for nothi  ng all of y  our friends gone
Something for noth  ing that's all that you kn  ow
   There  's something down in the hole
Down down   down in the hole
T  here's something down down   down do  wn in the hol  e


mystie2mystie2, version 1.0


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Dernière modification : 2022-10-12
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