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Paroles et musique :Michael Jagger, Keith Richards
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Intro :                       
  Worked the   bars and   sideshows a  long the   twilight   zone
Only a c  rowd can make you feel so alone
And it really hit home
  Booze and   pills and   powders, you can   choose your   medic  ine
    Well, here's another goodbye to another good   friend
  So after all is   said and   done
  Gotta move while   it's still   fun
  Oh, let me walk   before   they   make   me r  un
  After all is   said and   done
  I gotta move,   it's still   fun
  I'm gonna walk   before   they   make   me r  un
  Watched my   taillights   fading, there ain't a   dry eye   in the   house
They're laughing and   singing
Started dancing and drinking as I left town
Gonna   find my   way to   heaven, 'cause I   did my   time in   hell, oh yeah
    I wasn't looking too good but I was feeling real   well
  After all is   said and   done
  I gotta move, I   had my   fun
  So let us walk   before   they   make   us r  un
  So after all is   said and   done
  I did alright and   had my   fun
  I will walk   before   they   make   me
  I will walk   before   they   make   me (run)
  I will walk   before   they   make   me (run)
  I will walk   before   they   make   me r  un


Jean Dupont, version 1.0


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