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Paroles et musique :Michael Jagger, Keith Richards
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  I'll never be   your beast   of burden   My back is   broad but it's   a hurti  ng      
  All I   want is for you   to make love to   me                                  
  I'll never be   your beast   of burden   I've walk  ed for miles my feet   are   hurting   
  All I   want is for you   to make love to   me                                   
Am I hard enough Am I rough enough Am I rich enough I'm not too blind to see
  I'll never be   your beast   of burden   So let's   go home and draw   the c  urtains     
  Music on the radio Co  me on b  aby make swee  t love to   me                     
Am I   hard enough Am I   rough enough Am I   rich enough I'm not too   blind to   see
  Oh little si  ster Pretty, pretty,   pretty, pretty, girl         
  You're a pret  ty, pretty, pretty,   pretty, pretty, pretty girl              
  Pretty, pretty  Such a   pretty, pretty, prett  y girl            
  Come on baby p  lease, p  lease, p  lease                             
I'll tell                                                                                    
ya You can put me out On the street Put me out With no shoes on my feet
  But, put me out, put me o  ut Put me out o  f miser  y                             
  Yeah, all   your sickness   I can suck it   up T  hrow it all at me I   can   shrug it   off
  There's one thing baby That   I don't unders  tand You keep on t  elling   me        
  I ain't your kind of man  
Am I   hard enough Am I   rough enough Am I   rich enough in love enou  gh oh ple  ase
  I'll never be   your beast   of burde  n I'll never   be your beas  t of burde  n         
  Never, never, never, n  ever, never, ne  ver, never be                                      


Jean Dupont, version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2020-04-19
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