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Paroles et musique :Mick Jagger, Keith Richards
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Intro :                 
  Angie,    Angie, w  hen will those clo  uds all disappea  r ?
  Angie,    Angie, w  here will they lea  d us from her  e ?
With no l  oving in our souls and no   money in our c  oats
  You can't   say we're satis  fied
  Angie,   Angie, y  ou can't say   we never tri  ed
  Angie, you're beaut  iful b  ut ain't it ti  me we said goodb  ye
  Angie, I   still love you, remem  ber all tho  se nights we cri  ed
All the d  reams we held so close, seem to   all go up in s  moke
  Oh ! let me   whisper in your   ear
  Angie,   Angie,   where will they le  ad us from her  e ?
Oh !   Angie don't you weep, all your   kisses still taste   sweet
  I hate that s  adness in your e  yes
But   Angie,   Angie   ain't it t  ime we said goodby  e
With no l  oving in our souls and no   money in our c  oats
  Oh ! you can't   say we're sati  sfied
But   Angie, I still love you   baby   everywhere I look I see your e  yes
  There ain't a woman that comes   close to you  , come on   baby dry your   eyes
  Angie  , Angie  , ain't it   good to be ali  ve
  Angie  , Angie  , they can't   say we never tri  ed


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