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Intro :              
Well do you l  ike my style?
Like my h  igh profile?
I k  now the clock is ticking
And the   critics they can be so   vil  e    
A  nd I don't need your designer drugs
I don't w  ant your bad cocaine
A  ll I need is the latest duds
To m  ake me look thin and v  ain
Well it's a  ll the rage
Let me o  ut this cage
Well I'm d  ancing in circles
Trying to st  op myself from going ins  ane        
I   like to be in a classic look
I w  anna be cool and smart
I   want a face who'll launch a thousand ships
And b  reak a million h  earts
Yes it's a  ll the rage
Yeah it's a  ll the rage
Yeah I'm d  ancing in circles
Trying to st  op myself going ins  anе        
Yeah we're a  ll thе rage
Let me o  ff the stage
Yeah we've g  ot to slow down
We're m  ore than a little st  rang  e    
I   got to make every minute count
With h  eavenly delight
W  atch me make the biggest splash
And g  et out of here al  ive
Well it's a  ll the rage
You better a  ct your age
We're d  ancing in circles
And we're r  eally really bad beh  aved       
Oh yeah tell 'em
A  lright a  lright
  Yeah   yeah you're in my wa  y          
C  ome on baby I've got to rage  
  Yeah   you're in my wa    oh y  eah
  Alri  ght
  Yeah   it's all the ra  ge    yeah  
A  lright a  lright                            


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