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Paroles et musique :Michael Jagger, Keith Richards
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Intro :  
  Well if you   call this a life   
Why   must I   spend   mine with you?
  If the show must go on   
Let it g  o on with  out you
  So sick and   tired hang  ing around   with j  erks like you                  
  Who'll   tell me those lies
  And let me   think they're true, yeah
  What am I to   do     
You want   it, I g  ot it   too
Though the lau  ghs may be cheap   
That's j  ust 'cause the   joke's   about you
I'm   so sick and   tired h  anging around with   dogs   like you
  You're the first to get blamed   
Always the   last bi  tch to   get paid                  
  Oh, tell   me those lies
  Let me t  hink they're   true, yeah
  I heard one o  r two
They   weren't about   me, they weren't about her
They were   all about you                        
  I may   miss you   
But miss  ing me j  ust i  sn't you
I'm so   sick and tired      hanging around wi  th dogs
  Tell me those lies
  Let me think they're   true
  I heard one or t  wo, and they we  ren't about   me, they weren't about her
  They're all about you, all about you
I'm   so sick and   tired    
What   should I do   
  You want i  t, want it, want it,   you   get it, get it, get it
  So how   come I'm   still in l  ove with you?


Jean Dupont, version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2020-04-18
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