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Paroles et musique :Shane MacGowan
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Intro :                                               
When I f  irst came to Lon  don I was o  nly sixte  en
With a f  iver in my p  ocket and my   ole dancing   bag
I w  ent down to the d  illy to ch  eck out the sc  ene
And I s  oon ended u  p on the o  ld main dr  ag
There the   he-males and the s  he-males par  aded in st  yle
And the   old man with the m  oney would fl  ash you a sm  ile
In the d  ark of an a  lley you'd wo  rk for a f  iver
For a sw  ift one off the wr  ist down on the o  ld main dr  ag
In the c  old winter ni  ghts the old to  wn it was ch  ill
But there w  ere boys in the c  afes who'd g  ive you cheap p  ills
If you d  idn't have the m  oney you'd caj  ole or you'd b  eg
There was a  lways lots of tu  inol on the o  ld main dr  ag
One e  vening as I was ly  ing down by L  eicester Squ  are
I was p  icked up by the c  oppers and k  icked in the b  alls
Between the m  etal doors at V  ine Street I was b  eaten and m  auled
And they ru  ined my g  ood looks for the o  ld main dr  ag
In the t  ube station the o  ld ones who were   on the way o  ut
Would dr  ibble and v  omit and gr  ovel and sh  out
And the c  oppers would c  ome along and p  ush them ab  out
And I wi  shed I c  ould escape from the   old main d  rag
And n  ow I'm lyin  g here I've h  ad too much bo  oze
I've been s  pat on and sh  at on and r  aped and ab  used
I kn  ow that I am d  ying and I w  ish I could b  eg
For some m  oney to t  ake me from the o  ld main drag


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