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H C eavenly shades of night are falling,  E7  ...  it's Twilight Time
 Am7 Out of the mist your voice is calling,   C  ...    it's Twiligh C7  t Time
 F When purpl Fm e colored curtain C s mark the end  A2  of day
I'll h D7 ear you, my dear, at Twilight Dm7  Time     G7    ...
 C Deepening shadows gather splendor   E7  ...  as day is done
 Am7 Fingers of night will soon surrender   C  ...  the settin C7  g sun
 F ...  I count the Fm  moments, darling, til C l you are here w A2 ith me
To D7 gether, at G  last, at Twilig C ht Time   C7      ...
 E Here in the E7  afterglow of day
We  Am7 keep our rendez C -vous, beneath th C7  e blue
 F Here     Fm  ...      in the C  sweet and same o A7  ld way
I  D7 fall in love  G again as Gmaj7  I did   G7      then.
Deep in the dark your kiss will thrill me, ... like days of old
Lighting the spark of love that fills me, ... with dreams untold
Each day I pray for evening just to be with you
To D7 gether, at G  last, at Twilig C  ht Time.
To D7 gether, at G  last, at Twilig C  ht Time.


benyy, version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2009-08-02
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