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 F   When the twilight is gone Gb        F 
And no songbirds are singing  Bbm 
When the twilight is gone  Gb        F 
You come into my heart  Bbm 
And  Bbm here in my  Ab heart you will F  stay
While I p Bb  ray...
 Bb My prayer is to linger with C7  you
At the end of the  Ebm  day
In a dream that's di Bb vine  F 
 Bb My prayer is a rapture in  C7  blue
With the world far a Ebm  way
And your lips close to m Bb ine.  Ebm        Bb       Bb7 
To Ebm night while our hearts are agl Bb  ow
Oh,  Ebm tell me the words   E(dim) 
That I'm longing to k F  now.
 Bb My prayer and the answer you  C7  give
May they still be the  Ebm  same
For as long as we l Bb  ive
 Dm That you'll always be Cm  there (N.C.) 
At the end of my prayer Bb ...   Ebm        Bb       Ebm        Bb 


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2011-02-02
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