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Intro : G   A   Bm   D 
        G   A   Bm 
 D How can I fe G el the way I do  A       Bm 
 D Each time I g G et this close to you A       Bm 
 D The part of  G me t A hat won't let Bm  go
 D Making me ke G ep my self control A 
Save it for the G  right time when we'll  A  start again
 D Tomorrow's just arou Bm  nd the bend
 G Softly crawl into A  my shell
And wai D t it out till ever G ything is well A 
 G   A   Bm   D 
 G   A   Bm 
 D What makes me a G ct the way I do A       Bm 
 D The earth the s G tars the sky the moo A n,    Bm 
 D Nice memorie G s si A lver and gold, Bm 
 D What makes good ti G me so hard to hold  A 
Save it for the G  right time when we'll  A  start again
 D There's no reason to Bm  pretend
 G Wandering around the world trying to fi A  nd myself
You can D  never walk away  G from where you are A 
But right he Bm re at home   A 
 Bm Next to you so a D  ll alone
 G Is no know one that A  you've ever know Bm n      D 
 G Silently A , So D rry   Bm        A 
Why save it for t G he right time When let' A  s just pretend
We can' D t never have this da Bm  y again
 G Love is waiting o A  n the shelf
While I D 'm too scared to be  Bm  a friend
 G Wandering around the world trying to f A  ind myself
I t D urn around one day G  and there you are. A  ..
Don't save it cau G se the right time is th A  e one we're in
So n D o more waiting to Bm  begin
 G Open my heart and le A  t it sing
Each gr D ain of sand is every Bm  thing
The t G ruth is never qui A  te so far
We can  D never walk away f G rom who we are A  ...


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2009-03-30
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