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 Em There's a crack up in the c G eili D  ng
 Am And the kitchen sink is  C leak Em  ing
 Em Out of work and got no  G mone D  y
 Am A Sunday jam of bread and  C hone Em  y
 Em What are we living for D  ? C 
Two roomed apartment on the second f B7  loor ?
 Em No money comin'in, D      C  
the rent collector's knockin'trying to g B7  et in
 E We are strictly second class,  Am we don't underst B7  and
 C Dead end ! Why we B7  should be in  Em dead end s D  treet
 C Dead end ! Peop B7 le are livin'in d Em ead end s D  treet
 C Dead end ! I'm  B7 gonna die in Em  dead end  D  street
 G Dead end st C reet (yeah !)  G Dead end  C  street (yeah !)
 Em On a cold and frosty m G orni D  ng
 Am Wipe my eyes and stop me  C yawn Em  ing
 Em And my feet are nearly f G roze D  n
 Am Boil the tea and put some  C toast Em  on
 Em What are we livin'for ?  D      C 
Two roomed apartment on the second B7  floor ?
 Em No chance to emigrate, D      C 
I'm deep in debt and now it's much  B7  too late
 E We both have to work so hard, Am  we can't get the ch B7  ance
 C Dead end ! P B7 eople live on  Em dead end st D  reet
 C Dead end ! Pe B7 ople are dyin'on  Em dead end st D  reet
 C Dead end ! I'm  B7 gonna die on Em  dead end  D  street
 G Dead end st C reet (yeah !) G  Dead end st C  reet (yeah !)
 G Dead end st C reet (yeah !) G  Head to my  C  feet (yeah !)
 G Dead end st C reet ...      G              C 


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Dernière modification : 2014-12-17
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