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  New front door,   same address
  Same front step, same back-porch
  Geraniums to the terrace
  Sold my shoes to   pay the rent
  I won't be needing them  
  I won't be leaving too   soon
  Oh my dear,   do undress
  You look so different in   those new shoes
To impress   someone you hav  e never met
  Someone you already   know
Is   waiting behind my fron  t door
And   by the door yo  u know I'll wait
Oh,   by the window,   by the gat  e
I'm   waiting for you  r soun  d
So   softly, dear, don'  t hesitate
The   lion looms   along the lak  e
And   swallows ever  y soun  d
But   oh, I wish that I coul  d take
That simple lonely   way
That long cold lonely   way
But these days it takes   more than two feet
It takes   four to fill the road
  I fend and swing the axe   at for
I've   trampled all   over the place
Swu  ng to and fro and   still no   state
Has   held me in it  s bound  s
But   by the bridge I'  d like to stay
Oh,   by the ocean,   by the   bay
And   hope that you'll come   aroun  d
  Oh, my dear,   do undress
  You look so different in   those new clothes
To impress   someone you ha  ve never met
  I'm the one needing   you
  I'm the one with no   shoes
So   by the door yo  u know I'll wait
Oh,   looking out the   golden   gate
She   yawns into th  e morning.  ..    


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