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As d  own the glen on  e Easter morn   to a   cit  y fa  ir rode I,
There a  rmed lines of   marching men   in squa  drons   pas  sed me by;
No p  ipe did hum, nor b  attl  e drum   did sound   it's l  oud t  attoo,
But the   Angelus bell o'er th  e Liffey's swell r  ang out throug  h th  e Fo  ggy Dew.
Right   proudly high o'e  r Dublin Town t  hey hung ou  t th  e fl  ag of war,
Twas   better die neath a  n Irish sky than   at Suv  la o  r Su  d El Bar;
And   from the plains o  f Ro  yal Meath s  trong m  en came   hurryi  ng through,
While   Brittania's Huns, with thei  r long range guns, sai  led in throug  h th  e Fo  ggy Dew.
O, the   night fell black, and th  e rifles crack ma  de "Perfi  diou  s Al  bion" reel,
'Mid the   leaden rain, seve  n tongues of flame   did shine o'e  r th  e li  nes of steel;
By each   shinning blade   a prayer   was said tha  t to Irela  nd her   sons   be true,
And when   morning broke still th  e war flag shook out i  t's folds i  n th  e Fo  ggy Dew.
'Twas   England bade ou  r Wild Geese go t  hat small na  tion  s mi  ght be free,
But their   lonely graves are b  y Suvla's waves or   the fringe o  f th  e Gr  eat North Sea.
Oh   had they died b  y Pears  e's si  de or had   fought wi  th Cat  hal Brugha,
Their   names we'd keep where th  e Fenians sleep, 'neath   the shroud o  f th  e Fo  ggy Dew
But the   bravest fell, and th  e requiem bell ra  ng mourn  full  y an  d clear,
For   those who died th  e Eastertide in   the sprin  gtim  e of   the year.
While the   world did gaze wit  h de  ep amaz  e at those f  earles  s men   but few,
Who   bore the fight th  at freedom's light m  ight shine throu  gh t  he F  oggy Dew,
Back   through the glen   I rode again, and   my heart   wit  h gr  ief was sore,
For I   parted then wit  h valient men wh  o I   neve  r sh  all see more;
But   to and from in m  y dream  s I go, an  d I'd kn  eel and   pray   for you,
For   slavery fled,   O glorious dead when   you fell i  n th  e Fo  ggy Dew.


hcl1969ma, version 1.0


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