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 Dm When first I came to  C Liverpool I  Dm went  C upon the  Dm  spree
Me  money  at  last  I spent it fast got drunk as  d C runk could b A  e
And   Dm when my money was all gone  it was then that I  C wanted  A  more
But a  Dm man must be blind to  C make up his mind to  Dm go to  C sea once  Dm  more
 Dm   C   Dm   C   Dm 
 Dm I spent the night with  C Angeline to  Dm drunk to  C roll in Dm  bed
Me watch it was new and my money was too
And the morning with  C them she f A  led
And  Dm as I roamed the streets of  Bath the whores they a C ll would r A  oar
There  Dm goes Jarr Tarr the  C  poor sailor
He must  Dm go to  C sea once  Dm more       Dm       C      Dm       C      Dm 
 Dm As I walking  C down the steet I  Dm ran into  C Rapper B Dm  rown
I  asked him for to take me in and he looked at  C me with a  A  frown
He  Dm said last time  you was on board    with me you  C job no   A  score
But I'll  Dm take your advance and I'll  C  give you the chance
And I'll  Dm send you to  C sea once  Dm more   Dm       C      Dm       C      Dm 
 Dm They shipped me aboard of  a  C whaling ship  Dm bound for the  C Artic  Dm  Sea
Where the cold winds blow thru the frost and the snow
Jamaica   C rum would  A  freeze
A'la Dm s I had no luck with my gear for I left my  C money as A  hore
It was  Dm then that I wished that   C I was  there  Dm safe with the  C girl's  Dm 
 Dm  ashore
 Dm   C   Dm   C   Dm 
 Dm Come all ye boat s C eafaring lads who  Dm listen  C to my  Dm  song
And when you come off them long trip pray that you  C don't go  A  wrong
 Dm Take my advice  drink no strong drink don't go sleeping  C with no  A  whores
But get  Dm married lads and have a C ll night  in and  Dm go to to  C sea no  Dm  more.


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