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  Fat ugly   fat man swam in a   red tire made of ston   e
A pa  inted lady paddled   next to him with t  wo poodles o  n her l   ap
  Garbo quietly p   icked a flower
While the   chauffeur won his check    again
And   Barrymore took an   noname  out and    diamond   fell like    rain
  Cisco Kid and a   bald headed waitress   trapped underneath a bed of b   rass
The   french cook served them   chocolates and some   cold cuts   on the g   rass
L  ouilla ripped her   zebra pants in the   polo l   ounge
And   Errol Flynn was   not let in cause   he was   coming d   own
  Up in Zanadu  d   iamonds fell like rain
  Citizen Kane was king p  oor Citizen    Kane
  Valentino   suddenly appeared in his   midnight blue t   uxedo
Had a   falcon on his   shoulder eating   chicken   from his    hands
And   Fatty Arbuckel   waddled by on   way to the bath house    green
F  rankenstein ate the leading   lady and l  icked the   carcass c   lean
  Up in Zanadu  d   iamonds fell like rain
  Citizen Kane was king   poor Citizen    Kane.


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Dernière modification : 2007-05-10
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