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Intro : Em7 
Did you get  Em all you want ? Did  Em7  you see the whole show ?
So whe A re's all the fun that we Am7  use to know ?
As the me Em mories fade way out Em7  of view
I'd lo A ve those all days to come  Am7  back to you
 Em I've been waiting so Em  long    ...
 Am7 I'm not feeling so strong  Em 
Did you say wh Em at you mean ? Did y Em7  ou mean what you say ?
Abou A t this new scene is it  Am7  really that way ?
But the bl Em indness goes on ... The b Em7  lindness goes on
You say it A 's not so, b Am7  ut what do you know ?
 Em I've been waiting so Em  long ...
 Am7 I'm not feeling so stron Em  g
 Em7         A  Ain't nothing new, it's jus Em7 t the same ol A  d thing ...
 Em7       Y A ou got me singing those old b Em7 lues again A 
Angry music, word Em s of fir Em7 e    painted faces fille Em d with r Em7  age
Even then they  sound A  so tir Am ed  I must be set in my old  Em  ways
If this world is u Em nimpress Em7 ive  it's been that Em  way for Em7  quite awhile
I don't need no heavy m A essage Am   just turn me on and make m Em  e smile
Yes I've been waiting such a Em  long ti Em7 me    just for somet Em hing to  Em7  ring true
Now I'd rather taste the ol A d wine  Am    than mess around with something  Em  new
The blindness goes Em7  on ... The blindness go A  es on ...
The blindness goes  Am/C on ... The blindness goe Em  s on
The blindness goes Em7  on ... The blindness go A  es on ...
The blindness g Am/C oes on . ...     ..      Em 
 Em   Em7   A   Am7  (x2)
 Em   Em7   A   Am7  (ad lib) (x5)


[anonyme], version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2009-06-13
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