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Intro :        
   She takes her time when it's time to get ready
Always has her way
Always leaves me waiting by the phone
She told me more than once to take it slow
And I said okay
But lately I've been sleeping alone
   I'm not breaking up insi  de I'm much too   proud to moan    
   Baby, ple  ase come   home     
   And I feel a little loving so
I try to play it cool I think she laughs inside
With words that burn like fire in my mouth
Try to be a man like I got the master plan
Night on the town : drinking dancing we can turn it up
   maybe it's how your bod  y moves   I just don't kno   w
  Maybe it's just the way yo  u move s  o slow    
    :phone : Hello ? Brad : Hi, it's me.
I thought I told you not to call me here.
Brad : I know, I just really to talk to you.
Get a clue babe, there's nothing to talk about.
Hangs up. . .dial tone : :
   I see why I play myself, made myself a fool
Swear that I would do most anything Hey
walk a mile to see her smile
Walk a mile just to rock for a while
Baby I'm thinking with my dingaling,
  I've been doing some   thinking   and I just don't   know
  Maybe just the   way you   move so   slow
   Maybe cause you move so sl   ow
  Maybe cause you move so slo   w
   But sitting on the verge of tears
Does not becom  e my 22 years       
   You took my shame and you took my pride
  Now you're gunna take me for a    slow ride
   but Waiting. waiting on the phone
Got words that burn like fire in my mouth
Come on down reggae style
Wipe up your body like a bassline while drinking,
dancing we can turn it out
   I'm not going crazy bu  t I just   don't kn   ow
  Maybe it's just the way   you mov  e so slo   w
   Maybe cause you move so   slow
  Maybe cause you move so slow Mov   e nice and
   slow Slow ride     
   Slow ride          
  Slow ride           


WonderfullJoe, version 1.0


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2015-01-08
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