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In   Europe   and Am  erica  
There's a   growing   feeling of h  yste  ria
Con  ditioned to r  espond t  o all the thre  ats
In the rhe  torical spee  ches of th  e Soviets     
Mister   Krushev said "We will   bury you"
I   don't subscribe to this   point of view
It'd be   such an   ignoran  t thing   to do
If the   Russians love their   childre  n too
How   can I   save my l  ittle b  oy
From O  ppenhei  mers dead  ly t  oy
The  re is no mo  nopoly on c  ommon se  nse
On eit  her si  de of the   political fe  nce
We sh  are the same bi  ology
Re  gardless of ideol  ogy
Bel  ieve me   when I s  ay to   you
I   hope the   Russian  s love the  ir child  ren too
The  re is   no histo  rical pre  cedent
To   put the w  ords in the m  outh of the p  resident
The  re's no such   thing as a   winnable wa  r
It's a l  ie we d  on't bel  ieve anymo  re
Mister Re  agan says "We will pr  otect you"
I   don't subscribe to that   point of view
Be  lieve me   when I   say to y  ou
I hope the   Russians   love t  heir child  ren too   
We sh  are the same bi  ology
Re  gardless of ide  ology
But   what might   save us,   me and y  ou
Is if the   Russians   love th  eir ch  ildren t  oo


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