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Paroles et musique :Stevie Wonder, Gary D Byrd Sr.
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W  ould you l  ike to g  o with me
D  own m  y dead   end street
W  ould you like to come with me
To vil  lage ghetto land                
S  ee the peopl  e lock thei  r doors
While robbe  rs laugh and   steal        
B  eggars watch and eat their meals
F  rom garbage   can  s    
B  roken glass   is everywh  ere
I  t's a b  loody scene  
K  illing plagues the citizens
Unless   they own police                
C  hildren play   with rusted ca  rs
S  ores cover   their hands  
P  oliticians laugh and drink
D  runk to all demands                
F  amilies buyin  g dog food   now
S  tarvation roams   the streets   
B  abies die before they're born
I  nfected by the grief                
Now some f  olks say that we   should be   
G  lad for what   we have    
T  ell me would you be happy
I  n village ghetto land               
Village ghetto land


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Dernière modification : 2022-09-11
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