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Paroles et musique :Steve Miller
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 G This heres a stor F y about Billy Joe and Bobbie C  Sue
 G Two young lovers w F ith nothin better C  to do
 G Than sit around the house, get F  high, and watch the t C  ube
 G And here is what happened wh F en they decided to cut  C  loose
 G They headed down to, o F oh, old El Pa C  so
 G Thats where they ran in F to a great big ha C  ssle
 G Billy joe sh F ot a man while robbing his c C  astle
 G Bobbie sue took the  F money and r C  un
 G Go on take the m F oney and r C  un (x4)
 G Billy mack is a d F etective down in  C  Texas
 G You know he knows  F just exactly what t C  he facts is
 G He aint gonna let t F hose two escape j C  ustice
 G He makes his livin o F ff of the peoples ta C  xes
 G Bobbie sue, whoa,  F whoa, she slipped C  away
 G Billy joe c(aug)ht F  up to her the very  C  next day
 G They got  F the money, he C  y
 G You know th F ey got aw C  ay
 G They headed down sout F h and theyre still running  C  today
 G Go on take the m F oney and r C  un (x4)


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