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Paroles et musique :Stephan Eicher
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 G I put my feelings in a sp D4  oon
 Em7  Try to carry them to the moon
 D/F#  Spill my love these tears from above
 G The wound cut down to the bone D4 
 Em7  Leave me leave me
 Em7  all alone cause her
 D/F#  knife was too sharp
her kn D/F#  ife was too sharp yeah
 C  But then I met you
 D/F#  You took away my blues but
 Em7  I don't want to fall in
 D/F#  love with you cause one
 C  day one day one
 D/F#  day I'll sing the same sad
 Em7 song for  D/F#  you
 G I look at you you look back at me D4  and in your
 Em7 Eyes I can see this fever
 D/F#  and here they come
 D/F#  these waves of fear ‘cause I
 C  know one day one
 D/F#  day I'll sing the same sad
 Em7 song for y D/F#  ou
 G Two people in r D4  oom
 Em7  Two pieces of my heart
 D/F#  You're all i need tonight
 G  At least we've got a start


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Version : 1.0
Dernière modification : 2006-09-25
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