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Paroles et musique :Prince Rogers Nelson
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Intro : F   C   Dm   D#   Bb 
 F It's been seven hours and f C  ifteen days
 Dm since you took your love away    F      C 
 F I go out every night and s C  leep all day
 Dm since you took your love away    F      C 
 F Since you been gone I can do what-e C  ver I want
 Dm I can see whomever I choose    F      C 
 F I can eat my dinner in a fancy r C  estaurant
but n Dm othing, I said nothing can take awa A  y these blues
'cause D#  nothing com Bb pares n Dm othing compa C  res 2 U
 F It's been so lonely without C  U here
 Dm like a bird without a song   F      C 
 F nothing can stop these lonely tea C  rs from falling
 Dm tell me baby where did I go wron F g ?  C 
 F I could put my arms around every bo C  y I see
 Dm but they only remind me of U.  F      C 
 F I went to the doctor and guess what he t C  old me guess what he told me
he said : "g Dm irl U better try to have fun no matter wha A  t U do"
but he's a fool
'cause D#  nothing com Bb pares n Dm othing compa C  res 2U.
 F All the flowers that U planted mama  C  in the back yard
 Dm All died when U went away    F      C 
 F I know that living with U baby was  C  sometimes hard
but I'm  Dm willing 2 give U another tr A  y
'cause D#  nothing com Bb pares n Dm othing compa C  res 2U


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